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(Last updated February 2013)

Publisher: Apple Mountain Music Press (ASCAP)
(** Published by Marimba Productions, Inc.)

Music-Theatre/Performance Art/Theatre/Dance

drömseminarium (dreamseminar), an evening-length work for music-theatre based on the poetry of Tomas Tranströmer. Produced by Companion Star of New York (premiere in Sweden and New York, 2011)
Gaia (1998) (solo violin); dance piece titled Shruthi: Something Heard choreographed by Andrea Olsen.
Commissioned by the Middlebury College Department of Dance.
Our Fathers’ Daughters (1997) (solo cello); evening-length performance art piece.
Commissioned by the Northampton Moving Writing Group.
Heresies (1994) (flute, oboe, percussion, piano, cello); music for the play Heresies (1985) by Debra Levy.
Commissioned by the Middlebury College Department of Theatre.


Aspetuck Waters (1998) for piano, string orchestra, and percussion.
Commissioned by The Friends of the Easton Public Library.
Three Excursions (1996) for string orchestra and percussion. Jointly commissioned by the Virginia Unit of the American String Teachers’ Association and the Youth Orchestras of Prince William.


I Dream’d in a Dream (2002) for TTBB (or SATB) chorus, violin, piano (text: Walt Whitman).
Commissioned by the Maine Gay Men’s Chorus.
The Bears Wake Up (2004) for children’s chorus (text: Marilyn A. Johnson).
Commissioned by the Pocantico Hills School.

Vocal Works

Chants d’Amour et de Mort (1996), a song cycle with poetry by Isabelle Balot for tenor, violin, cello, and piano.
Commissioned by Isabelle Balot.
The Second Coming (1993/2001) for soprano, tenor, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, and cello
(text: Wiiliam Butler Yeats).
Groundings (2004) for soprano, Indian harmonium, violin, and piano
This instrumentation commissioned by the Karlsson/Holmertz/Hellqvist trio (Oslo, Norway).

Chamber Music

Duo: Zosa (2005) for oboe and piano. Commissioned by Laura Karney.

(2004) for alto sax (or clarinet), cello, and piano (also for alt fl, bsn, pno; alt fl, vc, pno; tenor sax, bass cl, pno; vln, vc, pno).
Commissioned by the British trio Ephyra. (Later versions for the Hagen Trio, The Water Project, The Thelema Trio, and the Scarborough Trio)
(2010) for string trio. For the Maranti Strijktrio (the Netherlands).

Quintet: Fanfare (2001) for brass quintet. Commissioned by the Stony Brook University Department of Music.

Sextet: Aspetuck Waters (1998) arranged for piano with two violins, viola, cello, and bass.


Nakoda (2002) for solo amplified alto flute. Commissioned by Erin Lesser.
Zonnebloem (2008) for solo clarinet. Commissioned by Alicia Bennett.
Turning Towards the Sea: 17 Haiku for Solo Trombone (2005). Commissioned by Benjamin Lanz.
Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky (2003) for solo marimba. Commissioned by Trent Petrunia. **
Be Still, My Soul (2001) for multi-percussion solo. Commissioned by I-Ju Chang. **
Eos (2005) for solo violin. Commissioned by Benjamin Robison.
Gaia (1998) for solo violin. Commissioned by the Middlebury College Department of Dance.
Pastorale and Invention (1995) for solo piano.

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