Recording of Nakoda with Redshift Records

I’m very pleased to announce that flutist Mark Takeshi McGregor will record my amplified alto flute piece Nakoda on Redshift Records in 2017. He’ll also perform it on Redshift Music Society concerts in Vancouver, Canada. Looking forward!

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New Oboe Music Project

I was very pleased that the New Oboe Music Project chose to feature my music recently.

“This month’s featured composer is one who has written particularly striking and beautiful music for the oboe. It was in 2007 that I heard Ellen’s piece Zosa performed by Laura Karney in Germany. I was immediately struck by how very well she had made use of multiphonics and techniques such as having the oboe play into the piano. Ellen really understood the instrument very well and has composed works that are very strong additions to the repertoire.”

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New piece for Trondheim Sinfonietta and gamelan instruments

I have had an amazing process entering a new soundworld in this new piece, in which I’ve been asked to write for Balinese gamelan instruments together with the Trondheim Sinfonietta. Premiere in on Friday 11 November 2016, at Dokkhuset in Trondheim! Part of Trondheim Open.

Funded by Arts Council Norway (Norsk Kulturråd).

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New piece for cello and voice

Marianne Baudouin Lie has commissioned a new solo piece, for both cello and voice (one player!). Many Thousand Gone, which draws inspiration from on an old African-American folk song of the same name, will be premiered during the Fall of 2016. Many Thousand Gone expresses my reaction to the ongoing refugee crisis.

Funded by The Norwegian Composers Fund (Det Norsk Komponistfondet).

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Velkommen til Huskonsertene i Rissa • Welcome to House Concerts in Rissa!

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Alpaca Ensemble spiller Ellen Lindquist: nattkonsert på Trefestivalen i Trondheim

tre_bakgrunnTorsdag 25. september • kl. 22.30
Gulbrygga, 27 Kjøpmannsgata • Trondheim, Norge

Under Holzbau Nordic konferansen presenterer Trondheim kommune og Trefestivalen Trondheims Alpaca Ensemble, som spiller en spesiell nattkonsert som avslutning av Trefestivalen.

På programmet er flere av solo- og kammerverkene mine for en trio av treinstrumenter…cello, klarinett og marimba. Konserten finnes sted i Gulbrygga, en av de fine gamle trebryggene ved Nidelven. Velkommen!

Alpaca Ensemble

Marianne Baudouin Lie • cello
Rik de Geyter • klarinett
Anders Kristiansen • marimba

Biljetter ved inngangen: 100 nok

Program Trefestival

The Holzbau Nordic Wood Building Conference and the city of Trondheim present Trondheim’s Alpaca Ensemble, who will play a special night concert as the closing event for the Wood Festival. On the program are solo and chamber works by American composer Ellen Lindquist (living in Norway) for a trio of wooden instruments…cello, clarinet and marimba. The concert will take place in Gulbrygga, one of the beautiful old wooden warehouse buildings downtown along the Nidelven river. Welcome!

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Vlaams Sinfonietta premieres ‘Folk Songs’ on October 3

Vlaams Sinfonietta with Olga Romanko, soprano
Raf de Keninck, conductor

The Vlaams Sinfonietta has commissioned me and 4 other composers to compose new pieces based on folk songs from our respective countries. The project is inspired by Luciano’s 1964 piece titled ‘Folk Songs’, a cycle of 11 songs based on folk songs from different countries, which will also be on the program. Premiere on October 3. More information here.

Vlaams Sinfonietta o.l.v. Raf De Keninck
M.m.v. Olga Romanko, sopraan

In 1964  schreef Luciano Berio zijn “Folk Songs”: een cyclus van elf liederen, deels bestaande volksliederen die in een eigentijds ritmisch en harmonisch jasje gestoken werden, deels nieuwe composities, geïnspireerd op volksmuziek uit Sardinië, Armenië, de USA,…

Een zevenkoppig ensemble becommentarieert de melodie van de mezzo-sopraan.

Vlaams Sinfonietta trekt dit idee open naar de multiculturele realiteit van onze samenleving. Componisten uit de landen van herkomst van veel van onze “nieuwe Belgen” gaan aan de slag met volksliederen uit het land waar hun roots liggen: Nederland, Griekenland, Koerdistan, USA, Turkije.

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Alpaca Ensemble Plays Ellen Lindquist

Friday 4 april • 1 p.m. • Rein kirke • Rissa • Norge: Opening of KULMIN
Saturday 26 april • 3 p.m. • Huskonsert i Rissa  more information
Sunday 27 april • 1 p.m. • Ilen kirke • Trondheim  more information


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Flute quartet for 40F

I’m looking forward to a brand-new project for flute quartet with Göteborg’s fantastic 40F! Premiere will be in 2016…will post more info as it comes.

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Photo by Hans Falklind

Cecilia Ekmark commissioned me (thanks to generous funding from Statensmusikverk) to write a new piece for flute(s) and piano (Roger Johansson), inspired both by Hans Falklind‘s bird photographs and birdsong, for her ongoing project called Birds. This project is also supported by Sveriges ornitologiska förening (SOF) and BirdLife International. We met twice in Göteborg to develop material through improvisation, which I have now used as raw material to create the piece. Tomas Tranströmer’s early poem ‘Preludium’ is woven throughout the piece, which is titled ‘Vingarna breddas’ (‘The Wings Spread’). The project premiered 26 May 2013 in Gothenburg’s 3.e Våningen.

Watch video about project BIRDS

Watch BIRDS trailer

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The Zoco Duo

I am writing a new piece for the Zoco Duo (Barcelona, Spain):

Laura Karney, oboe and English horn
Jacob Cordover, guitar


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