Like Two Trees

SATB choir with clarinet, violin, and cello
(text: Sir Philip Sydney)

Duration: ca. 3′
Composed: 2000

I wrote this piece for the wedding of two of my dearest friends, Hillary Oppmann and Andy Holdsworth. They chose the text and the instrumentalists, and asked me to write them a piece. The choral parts were performed by family and friends. And what a musical bunch of family and friends they have! Their wedding was July 22, 2000 in Craftsbury, Vermont. A blustery, rainy morning gave way to a spectacular summer Vermont day just in time for the outdoor ceremony.

Like two well-planted trees,
Deep roots, Bright blossoms,
Fruit and falling leaves
In sun and battering rain

O long their coupled joys maintain!

—Sir Philip Sydney
(from “Long Their Coupled Joys Maintain”)

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