The Musicians’ Alliance for Peace

The Musicians’ Alliance for Peace (MAP) existed from 2001-2007 as an active group of musicians concerned with the role that music can play in creating momentum towards a more peaceful world. I was a co-founder (together with Michael McCurdy and Benjamin Robison), and organizer (together with many other wonderful, big-hearted people). The Musicians’ Alliance for Peace was based at Stony Brook University, with the core of its members graduate students in the University’s Music Department. The goals of the Musicians’ Alliance for Peace were as follows: to promote the use of music for peace; direct attention toward meaningful causes; foster an active local and global peace community; promote empathy, ethical thought and critical social involvement through music.

MAP produced many local events such as benefit concerts for Hurricane Katrina victims, victims of the 2004 tsunami in Asia, and September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows.

Our reach was also global: In 2004, we initiated the first of four annual international networks of concerts dedicated to Peace. People from around the world were invited to join us in dedicating their concerts during one specific weekend to the concept of Peace. These concerts could take any form, present any kind of music, be played by anyone, in any location at all—the only common denominator was that the concert be dedicated to a larger vision of a more peaceful world. This was called The Music for Peace Project. Each year, The Music for Peace Project took place over the course of a single weekend. During the four Music for Peace Project weekends between 2004 and 2007, more than 350 concerts in 30 countries around the world were dedicated to peace.

MAP produced four major festivals (“A festival of music, film, and ideas”) at Stony Brook University in conjunction with the Music for Peace Project weekends. Events included concerts of world music, speakers, film, an international art show (2006), and concerts by The Musicians’ Alliance for Peace.

Music for Peace Festival 2004 (February 4-6)
Music for Peace Festival 2005 (April 8-10)
Music for Peace Festival 2006 (March 28-April 2)
Music for Peace Festival 2007 (March 24-April 1)

* PROJECTS:, ongoing